X-Wing 2.0 Primer

Your X-wing 2.0 primer!

Well, we’re finally here!

After 5 years and 14 waves of ships, X-wing is getting a second edition! With so many exciting and interesting things incoming, here’s your comprehensive hyperbole guide to all that’s coming, and leaving, in X-wing 2.0.  

Gameplay changes!

NO 360 ARCS!- Do you remember a time when firing arcs mattered, and TLT didn’t double tap any opponent to death? I don’t, and to be frank, I wish I did. 2.0 is changing turrets to have a mobile firing arc, a la shadowcaster of recent years. This should help drastically curb the number of turret vs turret matches, where the value in skilled flying is greatly diminished.

BARREL ROLLS ARE DIFFERENT?!- Yes, barrel rolls are slightly different. The only real change is that you won’t be able to get as much forward/backward movement out of them. Small change, don’t freak out.

DISTANCE BONUSES! - Everything abides by distance bonuses now, as it probably should of from day one. Again, this is a very minor change, but it’ll mean those juicy range 3 heavy laser cannon shots will hurt one green dice less.

BOMBS, MISSILES AND TORPEDOES OH MY! – One of the biggest changes to 2.0 will be innate charge counters on munitions, as well as many other upgrade cards. For munitions, this change will mean you’ll on average have more bomb/torpedo shots, at a slightly declined power level. RIP extra munitions, you’ll always be in our hearts.

THE FORCE IS WITH YOU!- One of the most glaring omissions from first edition was certainly the force. With any Star Wars game, you’d expect some nod to everyone’s favorite rock lifting tool. 2.0 is changing that! Force sensitive pilots will get a supply of force points that will gradually replenish each turn, which can be used for all sorts of fun effects!

MEDIUM BASES! –The TIE punisher didn’t make sense on a small base, the aggressor and slave 1 didn’t on large ones. Now we’ll have a halfway point in the form of medium bases.

Squad changes!

WHERE ARE THE POINT COSTS ON MY CARDS? – That’s right, there aren’t going to be any on card point costs! If there’s one thing competitive x-wing could have used for the past few years, it would have been an easy way to nerf/buff certain pilots, without the use of a clunky FAQ. They’re accomplishing this by creating a centralized squad building app, where the point costs of all cards will be located, and can be changed with their easy say so. Gone are the days of cards that aren’t as they read, and jumpmasters have had holepunchers taken to their upgrade bar.

REBEL/IMPERIAL/SCUM/FIRST ORDER/RESISTANCE?- 2.0 is introducing a very simple way of combating the ballooning factions, dividing up the new and old trilogies for the factions. A very simple change that should keep the game fresh for years to come. This also opens up the door to era based tournaments, where players may be able to face off only against ship from a particular time in the Star Wars cannon.

WHAT ABOUT MY OLD SHIPS? – 2.0 is starting off its release with the introduction of conversion kits for each faction. This means that you’ll be able to play your favorite faction, with your first edition ships! Yes the kits aren’t free, but are very cheap for how much you get.

UPGRADES WILL BE FACTION CONTAINED- Do you remember buying that silly starviper for auto-thrusters, when you’re a palp ace player? Well, your pleas have been heard, 2.0 won’t force you to buy a ship outside of your faction, for the sake of a single upgrade card.

What the internet is saying

FFG TRYING TO SCAM US OUT OF OUR HARD-EARNED MONEY- Yes, you’re right that 2.0 ships will now be slightly more expensive than their first edition counterparts. Yes conversion kits aren’t free. That being said, the increase in cost is minor, and when you consider that they could have just completely invalidated our collections and forced us all to start over and, it really isn’t that bad.

CHANGE IS SCARY- Yes change is scary, but it’s also needed after a while. X-wing could go without the metaphorical flare jeans and frosted tips, and breath in a bit of change.

Closing thoughts

Overall, I think the direction 2.0 is taking is overwhelmingly positive for the game, both from a casual, and a competitive perspective. It should give the game a greater level of renewability and keep us coming back for years to come.

Article by Sacha C.

X-Wing 2.0 is available for pre-purchase at Triple Play Sports & Games and will release September 13, 2018.

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