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TOPIC: Tournament Notes

Tournament Notes 2 years 11 months ago #86

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Notes Credited to Alasdair Howie

Brief write up of today's tournament, can do more of these if people are interested, let me know. The first round was Rebels versus Imperials, Bruce against Nate, and myself versus Misha. Lists at the bottom of this post.

I chose to go first both of my games, hoping to keep my MC80 tanks alive as long as possible by getting in the first activation each round. Against Misha, I chose to play Contested Outpost, but none of his objectives favoured me, and I was forced to place my ships first and let him outplace me at setup. The station was solidly under his control the entire game, and his small ships swarmed one MC80 under a hail of fire and ramming, while the other swung a little too far out of the engagement zone. I was playing too cautious with my capital ships, as this was my first game with this list, and I had failed to appreciate just how much punishment they could take.
How much? It took two Raiders with Overload Pulses, firing and ramming, and an ISD front arc, three full turns, plus part of a fourth, and a little help from a Gladiator, to down one MC80. I believe the calculation was that it took 40 damage to destroy it, as it was gaining back 5 shields every turn. In a heart-wrenching turn for me, it left his ISD and both Raiders one damage away from destruction, with their noses all facing each other. One more damage on an attack, or the slightest error in navigation, could have led to the destruction of most of his fleet, and a victory. But he manoeuvered his ships flawlessly, and with my other MC80 out of the fight (with barely a scratch), Misha won by 100 points.

I wasn't privy to the details of Bruce's match versus Nate, but it sounds like it came down to a close navigation decision on the last turn that left the Imperial admiral victorious.

Round 2, I faced off against Nate, and chose Fire Lanes. Unfortunately, Nate tried to be tricksy and place the objective tokens on his side of the obstacles, but didn't realize that I could move them to the other side, and I was able to control them the whole game as a result. Beyond that, his fleet got separated, and not being subjected to intense focus fire, my capital ships were able to easily outlast his. We ended the match early, with me up around 300 points.

In the finals, Misha's fleet looked sorely outmatched by Bruce's three ISDs, but every time I looked back, there seemed to be one less ISD, with a swarm of more manoeuverable ships swinging around behind his fleet. I was impressed that Misha managed to keep his small ships in one piece in the face of such firepower, presumable handling them as masterfully as he had against me. On the final turn, Bruce managed to roll one last long range attack against a Raider and take it out, winning the match by 9 points. Close!

Bruce, 1st place
2x Imperial Star Destroyer Mk II + Gunnery Teams
Imperial Star Destroyer Mk I + Gunnery Teams + Motti
395 points
Most Wanted, Contested Outpost, Dangerous Territory

Misha, 2nd place
Imperial Star Destroyer Mk II + Gunnery Teams + Avenger + Screed
2x Gladiator I Star Destroyer + Assault Concussion Missiles
2x Raider II Corvette + Overload Pulse
396 points
Opening Salvo, Contested Outpost, Intel Sweep

Alasdair, 3rd place
2x MC80 Assault Cruiser + Engineering Teams + Redundant Shields + Electronic Countermeasures + Veteran Captain (+ Garm Bel Iblis)
Nebulon-B Escort Frigate + Redemption + Projection Experts
Dash Rendar
394 points
Assault Gunnery, Contested Outpost, Minefields

Nate, 4th place
MC80 Command Cruiser + Dodonna
2x MC30 Torpedo Frigate + Ordinance Teams + Redundant Shields + Assault Proton Torpedoes
Nebulon-B Support Refit + Redemption
Han Solo
Dash Rendar
Opening Salvo, Fire Lanes, Intel Sweep
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